Cellar visit

You are welcome to visit our cellar, on appointment only. A unique experience, walking throw the oak cask cellar and the state-of-the-art equiped plant.

Come and taste our wines

We welcome group from 10 (minimum) to 35 people.
Entry price is €10per person with a 10% voucher on any purchase on the day of the visit.

Visit the winery of the Domaine des Escaravatiers 1
Visit the winery of the Domaine des Escaravatiers 2
Visit the winery of the Domaine des Escaravatiers 3

Discover the winemaking secret

From start to end, from making to ageing, the cellar visit will reveal all secrets on making Provence wines.

Wines Tasting

After the cellar visit, you are invited to discover our wines by chosing 3 of our 12. By tasting them, you will appreciate the typicity and aromas of the Provence wines of Escaravatiers estates.


All the year, you can visit on appointment only, every tuesday an friday at 11:00 am

  • Visit session : 30 minutes
  • Tasting session : 30 minutes

A reservation is advised by phone or e-mail.

Tourism & disability
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                            Video presentation of the Domaine des Escaravatiers